LEARN Spanish once and for all!
If you've been studying spanish for many years and still don't see any progress, this is your chance to truly learn the language, you need to train in a practical way! No more grammar rules, no more textbooks, no more grammar drills, you need to learn like any native speaker (Listen, Learn, Practice) Fisrt input then output. You need to go out there to the battlefield of native speakers and practice, of course with a bit of my help, you´ll not be alone.

I'm a native latinamerican spanish speaker! i'm sure that i can help you improve your spanish

Personal classes on your own schedule, if you love or need to learn spanish this is a great chance to do it!

Learning a second language is always a great experience!

Great price $20 dollars per session (4 to 5 hours), or according to your schedule

Contact: Send an email, sms or whatsapp (6461506939)

Email: lagxx@hotmail.com

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